What is your “Source”?
Strength, strong point/passion to shine/help people around you

The “Source of my strength” is the students; knowing that one day they’ll be able to use the knowledge that I’ve managed to pass on to them for something important, is what keeps me going. They are my legacy.

What are some positive qualities about the company/office your work at?

And the best part of Kids Passport, for both the students and myself, is the flexibility in the environment. This allows me to use my experience in the education sector and my love of psychology, to better plan activities throughout the day that target more students on an individual level.

Tell us about your memorable episode at work.
What are some new skills you have obtained through your job?

Throughout the past 3 years, together with the irreplaceable team we have, everyday has been memorable and we’re constantly learning new skills and abilities through interaction with the students, their parents, and each other. Problems that arise are handled as a team through trust and understanding and that is what makes Kids Passport great!

What do you do on your day off?What do you like to do on your private-time?

As an individual, I am into athletics and gaming. In my private time, I’m normally out longboarding or cycling while time I spend indoors is normally spent playing or even developing games. Some of the games I develop are even used in the classroom, as this allows me to blend what I enjoy doing with what the students enjoy doing.